Subscription Boxes & Virtual Gift Cards

Whether you're new to the benefits of CBD, or use CBD products as part of your daily health regimen, Recovery Botanicals offers a variety of subscription boxes to choose from. Or, you can send a virtual gift card to anyone you'd like share the gift of CBD. 

Here's how it works....

Save time and money

  • Click on a link below to decide what formulation you prefer. We offer <.3% THC and THC-Free options.

  • Select the subscription box you'd like to order. Save up to 50%!

  • Create your subscription. Sit back, relax, we will take care of the rest. And shipping is always free.

Manage your subscriptions

  • Once you've set up your subscription we send you an email to access your own subscriber portal.

  • The subscription portal shows the details of your subscription and allows you to update your subscription and billing information as needed. And you may cancel at anytime.

Give the gift of CBD

  • We make it easy for you to give the gift of CBD! Click on the link below and select the amount you would like to include on your virtual gift card. Your recipient will receive an email with a special message from you, and can select any CBD products we sell on our website! 

Subscriptions get started here - Choose your formulation

click green arrow for your preferred formulation

  • Full spectrum tinctures contain THC (in the legal <.3% concentration) along with CBD and the other hemp based compounds (called cannabinoids) that provide the benefits of CBD rich hemp oil. 

  • All these cannabinoids work together with CBD to provide the maximum benefit of CBD products. 

  • THC in high concentrations is psychoactive, however in the small amounts present in our legal full spectrum CBD oil will not have a psychoactive effect when taken as directed.

  • For those who prefer no THC in their tinctures, our broad spectrum tinctures have the THC removed.

  • All the other cannabinoids found in our full spectrum tinctures remain.


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